So you’re fixing to go on a camping trip and you are wondering what you should bring.  Well to start a tent and sleeping bag would help.  Although what about you’re other necessities, you are going to need something to cook with, food to cook, but what about how you are going to cook your food.  I think the best way to cook food while camping is to use the most primitive source, fire.  To fuel that fire you are going to need wood and here is where your trusty hatchet comes into play.

A hatchet is always a good tool to have when you go camping.  It can make things a lot simpler.  For instance without a hatchet how are you going to cut wood in order to fuel your fire.  Without a fire you cannot make a hot meal.  Not only can a hatchet be used to cut fire wood but it can also be used as defense against wild animals if you decide to trek through the woods on a longs hike.  Let’s just face the facts; hatchets can be a very handy tool for any outdoor extravaganza and especially when camping.

Hatchets have been around for some time too.  The Native Americans used the hatchet as a weapon to kill intruders or to hunt with.  It was a tool in which they had great skill and knowledge of how to use.  In today’s world most people do not use it as a weapon, although some have mastered the skill of throwing hatchets as a sport.  Today a hatchet is normally used for camping and collecting firewood.  The purpose of this article is to inform my readers of topics related to hatches, such as, name brands and price, hatchet safety, and how to sharpen a hatchet.  I hope this article will help you to better understand hatchets.