History of Hatchets

The word hatchet comes from the French word Hachette or hache meaning axe. A hatchet is a single blade striking tool which is normally used to cut wood. It can also have other features such as one side having a hammer shape to it for hitting objects. A hatchet is pretty close to an axe. An axe has a longer handle than a hatchet but they are closely related. Also a hatchet has a thinner blade.

Not much is known on the history of hatchets, however since hatchets came from axes they can share a common history. The history of hatchets and axes begins circa 6000 BC. These tools were primarily made with wood handles and a stone that ground down to a sharp edge. Soon after this smaller axes were made which eventually were given the name hatchets. The history of hatchets, like axes are from a long time period.

Also these tools of a trade have come a long way in their history. After the use of stone to make the heads, other raw materials were started to be used in the history of hatchets. Such materials as copper and iron were used. These new improved models of hatchets and axes proved to be more sturdy and durable. Today the history of hatchets and axes have come a long way. The tools are made of very durable and strong steel. The use of the wooden handle is still present today, but they are much stronger than they were first invented.

The history of hatchets and axes dates back centuries ago. Today the history of hatchets and axes is not a largely talked about topic. All that is really known is the advances we have come to throughout history. However these advances have definitely proved efficient in the history of hatchets and axes.